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Broadway Heights Community Council was founded nearly two and a half decades ago by Robert Robinson and Ralph Barnhill Sr. with a goal to activate the then small neighborhood to participate in essential conversations surrounding community engagement, safety, beautification, and overall betterment of the neighborhood. 

Since the Council's inception, we have maintained a strong bond and working relationship with the San Diego Police Department and as a result, Broadway Heights has maintained some of the lowest crime statistics in the City of San Diego for the last 24 years.


Our goal has always been to build a safer community and a better quality of life for the residents of Broadway Heights. This will remain our goal for as long as the community will have us.

When the late Robert Robinson arrived to the Broadway Heights neighborhood in the 1980s, drug houses lined the hillside, drawing aimless teens and giving rise crime.

Then, Robert (lovingly known as "Robbie" to us), and longtime resident Ralph Barnhill Sr., put their heads together. They dug out old maps and discovered that their subdivision was built around 1960 as "Broadway Heights."


Armed with the name, they began to build what would become a hallmark of the community: engagement.


Broadway Heights Community Council came together with an organizational chart delegating responsibilities and appointees to oversee street lighting and holiday decorations, drug education and youth scholarships.

Now, the number of violent crimes reported to the police averages at less than three a year in a city that has roughly 500 a month.

“We ain’t got million-dollar homes, but we got a million-dollar lifestyle."- Robbie in 2011

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